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About U

About U!

I know why you are here…

Surprised…? But that’s the truth; I know why you are here! You’re asking yourself, and you’re just so desperate and curious to know about us. But the truth is, it not actually about us, look again, it about U, I mean YOU. You’re the reason why we are here.

You see, when we code the site for speed, it about you, whenever we hunt jobs from different company’s career sites, and pile them up here, it still about you. All we do, we do it for you, and that’s ours definition of about us. The question now is how ABOUT YOU?

What we do

Job vacancies and career opportunities is why we are here, and it not for us, but for you, temporarily you of course, because we want you to stop visiting here real soon.

Our mission

To be the most simplest and updated career portal in Nigeria, by directly linking job seekers with limitless career opportunities across the country.

Our vision

To become the most simplest, yet comprehensive career portal, particularly in Nigeria, and in Africa at large, through the provision of on-time job vacancies and career opportunities across Nigeria, and in Africa at large.